Prenatal Massage

A woman’s body goes through a lot of changes when they get pregnant, which is why getting a prenatal massage is always necessary. Unlike other types of massages wherein you spend half of the time lying face down or face up on a massage bed, a prenatal massage uses special cushioning systems so you can safely rest your belly in your massage bed. A prenatal massage aims to reduce the swelling in your hands, feet, and legs during pregnancy by stimulating the soft tissues in your body. This kind of massage also provides relief from lower back pain by releasing tension and increasing the blood flow in the body.

Our massage therapists will only use specific massage techniques in every session to ensure your safety during prenatal massages. Some of these techniques include double hip squeeze, lower backstrokes, and tailbone press.

Our prenatal massages can be tailored-fit based on how the specific areas of your body are experiencing the pregnancy. For example, if you’re experiencing discomfort on your chest or shoulders, our massage therapists can focus on those areas. Our massage therapists can also release the tension on your lower back and hips that is often caused by the added weight of your belly growth.

Aside from reducing body pain, prenatal massages may also help in reducing edema, muscle tension, headaches, and anxiety. Many also believe that getting prenatal massages may also improve the oxygenation of your muscles and soft tissues, enabling your muscles to work for longer periods of time.

Before you can get a prenatal massage from our team, we require the recommendation or go signal from your medical practitioner. Here at Peaceful Rejuvenation, we prioritize the safety of our clients, which is why we will require the approval of your doctor before giving any prenatal massages.