Sports Massage

Do you love to play sports but can no longer do so because of injuries? Are you worried that you can’t play your favorite sports in the future? We at Peaceful Rejuvenation also offer sports massages. Getting one is an excellent option if you want to prepare for an upcoming game, cool down after a competition, or repair your body after getting injured.

A sports massage is designed to help athletes in their training. By getting a sports massage regularly, your flexibility can increase, and your body can heal faster from injuries. This kind of massage can also prevent injuries, allowing you to do more when you play.

Unlike other forms of massages, a sports massage isn’t relaxing and is often quite strenuous. Sports massage involves the stretching of tight muscles to improve the condition of your soft tissues and stimulate inactive muscles in your body.

Our massage therapists will use various techniques when providing sports massage. Some of these techniques include soft tissue release (the stretching and locking of various muscles and tissues), positional release (aims to relax hyperactive muscles), and myofascial release (deep kneading to relax the connective tissues around the muscles).

Although a sports massage is popular among athletes, more and more people are getting one because of its perceived health benefits. Some of the purported benefits associated with a sports massage are increased joint motion and a more focused mind.